The Lover’s Well

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jacob. His father was very ill and his mother was old and weary. One day, his father called him to his bedside and said to him, “Son, it is time for you to find a young woman for yourself. Go, and make the journey to your grandfather’s house and marry one of the young women from the village. May God the Almighty bless your marriage and give you many children so that you will become the father of many nations!”

And so Jacob left home and made the long and treacherous journey to his grandfather’s village. After a few days, he came upon a well out in the fields with flocks of sheep lying around it. There, he took his rest and spoke with the shepherds resting there. As they were speaking, a woman came to the well with her flocks. Jacob laid his eyes on her and was overwhelm. He has never seen such beauty. She looked at him and their eyes met. He got up and went towards the woman. He asked for her name. She said her name is Rachel. Rachel. The name echoed in his head. Immediately, he drew water from the well and watered her flocks. She was moved and for a long time they stared into each others eyes. Finally, he kissed her and overwhelmed with joy, he cried.

He asked if he could meet her father. He would like to ask for her hand in marriage. Rachel’s father agreed to offer his daughter in marriage to Jacob if he works for him for seven years. Jacob agreed. To him, the seven years passed by like a few days as he was so much in love with Rachel. He married Rachel and they lived happily ever after. At his deathbed, Jacob gave his son the only treasure that he values more than anything else in the world. The well where he met Rachel.

To this day, the well is known as the lover’s well and many Jacob has come to the well in the hope of finding their Rachel.

Many decades later, a woman was walking to Jacob’s well to draw water. At the well, she noticed a man, sitting there, resting, and apparently exhausted. She tried her best to go about her own business and hoping that the man would not disturb her. But he startled her and asked her for a drink. She said to him, puzzled, “I am a woman and you are a man, and we are from different races. Your kind wants nothing to do with mine. How can you ask me for a drink?”

The man then explained to her that he can give her a miracle water and whoever drinks the water shall never be thirsty again. As he spoke to her, she was drawn to him and her heart was overwhelmed with joy. She could not understand what this man was explaining to her but she felt contented listening to him. She thought of all the time she has come by the lover’s well in the hope of meeting ‘the one’. But none of them has loved her like she loved them. Many of them abandoned her and left her to drown in her heartache. She was abused and torn apart. She has been married 5 times and all of them have left her lonely and broken. She has almost given up on the hope of finding the one. But there was a yearning in her. An emptiness that could not be filled.

But here, is a man who seems to have captivated her heart. She has never felt like this before. He was different. Different from any other men she has ever met. He knew her. He knew her inside and out. He spoke to her in a manner that was so exciting, so scary and yet so gentle. He told her about her life and what she has done before. She asked if he was a prophet. What he told her then shook her and from that moment, it became clear to her why she has felt the stirring in her heart as he spoke to her. The emptiness in her was slowly fading away, replaced by a sense of completeness and joy. The yearning in her heart was gone. It was like she has found what she has been searching for her whole life.

She could not wait to tell others about this man and to bring them here to meet him. She could not wait to share with them the joy she has felt. Hastily, she ran back to her village and told the villagers and whoever willing to listen to her. She told the whole story and how her heart burns with love for this man. How he knew her through and through and how he was going to save them. How he has saved her. Saved her from her heartache and loneliness. They listened. The villagers listened and they believed.

From that day onwards, the woman no longer sit by Jacob’s well, wishing for someone to come and sweep her off her feet. She has found something better. Someone better. She has encountered a man who has saved her from her sorrow. She became an zealous advocate for this man. She found her reason to live again.

By the lover’s well, she has met her messiah, her saviour and her lover, Jesus.

For Michael…

No words could describe how the world felt for the past two weeks. As I watch millions and millions of fans pay tribute to the King of Pop, I realize how great his impact on this world was. I enjoy his music, videos and dance moves but I was never really a die-hard fan. Until 2 weeks ago, I had no idea how ‘big’ Michael Jackson was. I knew he was good and deserved the title King of Pop but I never digest the magnitude of his stardom.

It surprised me that the world would mourn and cry over this man that they hardly knew. But as the weeks go by, more and more I learn of this man – the entertainer, the man and child that he was and mostly the humanitarian that he was, made me feel so ashame of all the nasty jokes and comments I’ve made about this man. I know now that it was so inappropriate and disrespectful. It saddens me to read these comments online. Even after his death they wouldn’t stop. Everyone has something smart to say. I just wish that they’d at least think of his family. We can only hope that the world would listen to Marlon Jackson and finally ‘leave him alone’.

I never thought I’d cry for Michael Jackson but i did, watching his memorial service. Truly, no matter what his personal life was, the world has lost a great entertainer and more over a humanitarian. As I learn the life of this man, the words of Don McLean come to mind:

Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they’ll listen now.

For they could not love you,
But still your love was true.
But I could have told you, Michael,
This world was never meant for one
As beautiful as you.

It is sad to know that this ugly and cynical world could not understand and accept a man, who through all his struggles, found comfort in approaching the world with the purity and wide-eye wonder of a child. By deviating from the norm, the world isolated and mocked him. Yet, even after all that, this man still believed that world can be made beautiful and he worked at it relentlessly through his music and humanitarian works.

Perhaps the world really missed the greatest comeback of all time.


At the beginning of this year, i became friends with a young boy, *Jared. He’s 13 years old. We went to to a seminar together with him and his father.

Three months ago, his father was diagnosed with cancer. We made attempts to visit him in the hospital but everytime we plan to go, someone told us that was better and was at home. We even saw him a couple of times in church.

So everytime i see the young boy, i would ask him how was his father. He’d say that his father was fine and was resting at home.

Two weeks ago, we heard that his father fell sick again. The cancer has spread to his collar bone. He was in and out of the hospital that week. At the end of the week, i asked Jared again about his father. Jared said that his father was at home resting.

And then he said one thing that i will never ever forget:

“I’ve ask you guys to come and visit us so many times but you didn’t come.”

At that point, i could only keep quiet. I didn’t know what to say.

So I made plans with Greg to visit the boy and his father that week. But somehow, all our discussions didnt work out.

Last Friday, we received a call from a friend saying that Jared’s father was in the hospital again. And this time, it was pretty serious. They even ask if we could inform a priest to give him the last rites. We were shocked that it has come to this. So we made plans to visit him the next day.

On sat morning, a friend called us and said that Jared’s father was in the special care unit and we can’t just simply visit him. So our friend told us that we can only visit him at 2pm on Sunday.

But on Sat night, we receive the call. Jared’s father has passed away.


I went to his funeral today. Looking at the poor boy and his mother crying brought tears to my eyes. As i sat and listen to the homily, my mind went back to when i first met them and the many attempts that i made ‘trying’ to visit him when he was sick. I realise that i took for granted that i could always visit him the next day if i cant make it today. I took for granted that there will always be another day. I failed to realise how fragile life is.

This will be one regret that i will carry with me for the rest of my life.

This is a lesson that i’ve learnt.

Never take life for granted. Never say that there will be another day.


In memory of Jared’s father.

May he rest in peace with our Lord for eternity.



“And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.”

John 6:40

Lost Children

This one’s for All the Lost Children. Wishing them well, wishing them Home.

Say a Prayer today for all the lost children. May God always be with them.

lost children


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In memory all of the Lost Children

Thank God for all those who have been found.

Continue to pray for those that haven’t.

*** Images taken from various website. Thank you.

Good News!

Finally my supervisor has ask me to start drafting my Thesis! I thought the day would NEVER come! Although we don have much results yet but i can still start writing and by July i have to submit a notification to the Universiti that i am going to submit my thesis. that will give me 6 months to work on the rest of my experiments and finish up my thesis! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A cause to celebrate although i still don have conclusive results yet. Sighs.